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Kigosi National Park Tour

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Kigosi National Park tour is the wonderful and the best tour which you will never be regret to join at this tour. This tour occurs at Kigosi national park which found at North West part of Tanzania and covers four regions in different districts, which are Bukombe and Mbogwe districts found in Geita region, Biharamuro in Kagera Region, Kahama in Shinyanga Region and Kaliua in Tabora region.

Kigosi national park is beautiful park in Tanzania with attractive natural environment and different animals species, which was established 2019 from being a game reserve 1983. Also the park was named after river Kigosi which is one among the river pass through the park.

Why Kigosi national park tour

During the tour at Kigosi national park tourist will get a chance to see the natural environment which natured with swamps, papyrus reeds and Miombo woodland with the grassland and river forest.

Kigosi national park is found with different slow moving rivers around it that joins to river malagarasi of which it drains its water to Lake Tanganyika which it’s the second deepest lake in world. The rivers are Moyowasi, Ugalla, Kigosi, Nikonga and Gombe, which give the attractive view of the park of which it associate to existence of animals such as hippo’s, crocodiles, waterbuck, reed duck that surrounds the river and water streams for feeding purpose. So the presence of those different rivers give tourists who want to visit the tour the chance of doing sport fishing and make the tour to be more memorable and enjoyable.

Kigosi national park tour gives a chance to tourist to experience the natural life of different wild animals which are found within the park. Those animals are like lions, leopard, buffalo, topi, zebra, baboon, oribi, hyena, sable and Sitatunga which are found near the rivers and swamps.

DAY 1: Tour Start

Kigosi National park tour can be start from Arusha or Dar es Salaam to Tabora, where from Tabora tourist meet their local guide and travel to Kigosi national park by using 4 wheel vehicles.

What to do

  • Game viewing
  • Sport fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Photographic Tourism
  • Canoeing
  • Picnics


Campsites areas are available for tenting as the means of accommodation with full protection from pack rangers.

Best time to visit the park

It is good to visit the area during the dry season which is from June to September, this is because it help tourist to get a chance of viewing the natural environment and animals which are found in the park at a comfort zone.

3 to 4 days are ideal for this unforgettable tour at Kigosi national park. To book this tour kindly contacts us through whatsApp or our email.