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1 Day Saanane National Park Trip

Saanane National Park is the one of the park which found in Tanzania and established since 2013, located at the island of lake Victoria. Before becoming a National Park it was established as the first Zoo in Tanzania in 1964. Also, Saanane national park is the only park that made a record of being the first National Park which found at the city, and smallest national Park at both Tanzania and Africa, and cover the area of 2.18squer kilometers which comprises of three islets and aquatic environment.
Saanane national Park it was named Saanane after the local farmer and fisherman Mzee Saanane Chavandi who was the owner of that island,

Tourist who wish to visit this park will never regret to be here, this is because they can experience the natural environment and different varieties of animals like Buffalo, bushbuck, Dik Dik, black rhino, warthog, zebra, Rock Hyrax, Velvet Monkeys, Wild Casts and Impala. Also they can get a chance to see and to enjoy the life of the De-brazas Monkey which makes Saanane national park to be unique from other national park in Tanzania. Also there are some reptile species like crocodiles, Agama lizard, Pancake, monitor Lizard and Leopard Tortoises, snakes particularly python.

Saanane national park is located 2km southwest from Mwanza city center, which lies in the gulf of lake Victoria.

Getting there
The park is very accessible and reached in different ways by boat and air.
Road and Boat; Tourist can drive from different part of Tanzania to Mwanza, and from that tour meet you give which it takes short period by boat which rides about 10mn from Mwanza to Saanane.
Air; tourists can flight from Dar es salaam or Kilimanjaro international airport and other different areas to Mwanza and meet your local guide and ride by boat from mwanza to Saanane national park.

What to do
There are different activities which tourist can be attract with when visiting Saanane National park, like :

  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Rock hiking
  • Boat cruise
  • Nature walk
  • Picnics
  • Bush meal/lunch
  • Photography

Also visiting Saanane national park give tourist the chance of experience sunset and sunrise at Lake Victoria and make the tour to be more memorable and amazing.

Camping site are available within the park so for the tourist who wish to camping and enjoying the nigh weather within the park this will be the golden chance, but also can as well obtain budget for hotel which found within the Mwanza city.